Today there are countless mediums in which the media deliver their product to people. People watch, listen to, and read lots of television, podcasts, newspaper, songs, pictures, comics, magazines, or books  products every single day and whether they consume for entertainment, to be informed, or they just happen to flip to a channel they are affected in some way by all of these things. Although many people think it might be outdated as a medium to inform people with, posters are a great manipulative tool. Posters are everywhere. Your room, your doctor’s office, at the gym, at restaurants, and even just driving down the highway.


One of the best examples of posters manipulating people is during World War II with all of the propaganda. The Japanese and Germans were portrayed to Americans to be animals. They were sweeping generalizations that cornered every Japanese or German into a single figure, an ignorant, barbaric animal who threatened the “freedom” of every single American with this idea of the “Red Scare.” Many posters made it seem to Americans that the threat of Communism that was across the sea was a real threat in their backyards. During World War II this was most definitely an effective technique to manipulate the American people. Many people were scared and they did buy bonds and do other things that the posters asked because they were so scared.

Japanese soldier about to shoot.


As one can see by these two posters, the people making the posters made to take advantage of the fact that many Americans were actually very afraid of the “Red Scare” invading the United States. In the first poster, the audience is looking down the barrel of a gun. Very obviously some scare tactics there. Because of this immediate feeling of fear is what caused many Americans to want to “Stop him.” In the second poster is a precious picture of a woman and her baby with evil hands about to attack them.  This was another tactic to show Americans that there was a “real” threat at hand and that it could

Mother and child threaten by communist hands.

be in their own back yard. For many men, regardless of age, it was their job to be a security blanket for the women and children so if a man was unable to serve he may have actually bought those victory bonds in hope of saving his family.


During World War II there wasn’t much that Americans could do to avoid these posters. It is very hard to ignore these posters and be apathetic. Because Americans were already scared because of the previous media and Pearl Harbor it didn’t take much for Americans to have a rallying point to get things done. Some people could have ignored these posters but then every person around then was probably talking about the same thing that the posters were talking about, or at least something related. There’s no getting away from them.

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