One does not simply…

Boromir son of Denathor

This is probably one of my favorite memes. The “One does not simply…” meme using Boromir from The Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan ever since it came out. I feel that there can be so many different sayings that can be used in this meme.

I believe that this meme has changed a lot over the years. At first it was only a “One does not simply…”, but has now been able to have different meanings. As in the picture here. In the TV show, Workaholics, there is a reference to something being tight butthole, or really awesome. This has been added into the place of “One does not simply…” to make it a different type of meme and I think that is fantastic.

I strongly think that a reason why this meme is so well-known is because there are so many different types of saying that you can put into the captions. I also believe that the meme is known so well is because Lord of the Rings is such an awesome movie. Even though the first reason is the right one, I stick to my own opinion.



About eredeker

My name is Eric Redeker and I am a Sophomore at Trinity University. I play on the golf team and I plan on majoring in Comm with a minor in Sports Mngmt.
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