How I Met Your Meme

How I Met Your Mother and its viewership have become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon as well as a meme. So many people watch the show and when these people talk about the show or just talk to each other in normal conversation they already have inside jokes as if they have been friends for years even though they have no clue who they are. There are endless jokes and memories as well as catch phrases and quotes to choose from. But it is from this exact communication from the show to its viewers and from the viewers to other viewers as well to the general public that this meme is passed on and replicated. Every single time someone calls “dibs” or says “Haaaaaaave you met…(insert name),” or mentions the Bro Code or the Playbook, or if someone tells another fellow bro that the girl he is talking to is hot but also crazy and therefore flirting with the Vicky

How I Met Your Mother’s Hot-Crazy Scale

Mendoza diagonal so to keep on his toes, then it is being passed on from person to person.


Even though numerous people have begun a journey of being a How I Met Your Mother bro and suited up on occasion, the meme being passed along is only that of an idea mostly. Without these ideas of the show none of these phrases and jokes would make sense and even worse they wouldn’t be funny at all. From these ideas come a few behavioral components such as “suiting up,” “reading a magazine,” and for the very courageous, pulling a “naked man” or betting a “slap bet.” This is just proof that this “idea” of How I Met Your Mother comes with a behavioral component. Right now, any person can walk into Barnes & Noble and buy “The Bro Code” or “The Playbook” and put these ideas or theories to practice.


The fact that these ideas translate to the lives of so many people is what makes this meme so successful and also provided for its longevity. The variation is crucial to its longevity. People can easily relate to the characters in the show. People have a bar they always go to with friends, they hang out, enjoy holidays like Slapsgiving and Christmas together. Variation allows for the ideas and jokes to apply in other elements such as one’s own group of friends. This is very similar to shows like Friends  and Seinfeld because they are just a regular group of friends doing everyday things. They are normal. They’ve all got their own weird habits and quirky characteristics just like anyone else’s friends. This is what keeps the meme going to the connection lasting.


This is a great thing about memes, they can come in many different forms. They can be a quick month of people all doing some kind of art or dressing a certain way, or it can be an “Aggie” lifestyle or different perspective that people see the world in and are able to enjoy and laugh about it just like How I Met Your Mother. Although this provides for great memes that is one problem with meme theory. It is too big. It seems that almost anything can be a meme. But still, no matter the meme, the viral aspect has a great effect on everyone. It is because these memes are waves and not ripples that make this all so exciting. That being said let’s all enjoy it how we should: suited up and with a bro.






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