“Hide your kids; Hide your wives, cuz they rapin everybody out there”

On July 28th, 2010 a man named Antoine Dodson appeared on NBC because someone broke into his home and got in bed with his sister.  The following morning, his sister woke up and screamed because she saw a stranger lying down next to her. Her brother, Antoine, rushed to her bedroom to help her. However, it was too late, the intruder had quickly escaped through a window, mistakenly leaving his shirt behind along with fingerprints.  The family, still in shock, called the police and a news station came along with the officers.

During the interview, Antoine, obviously perturbed at the situation and upset that his sister was almost assaulted, explained what had happened the previous night. While retelling the story on live television, he asserted the now famous catchphrase:

“Well, obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park. He’s climbing in your windows; he’s snatching your people up, trying to rape them. So y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband because they’re raping everybody out here.”- Antoine Dodson

Dawkins says that “when you imitate someone else, something is passed on (Blackmore, 20)”. Antoine Dodson received his couple seconds of fame. However, these couple seconds of fame catalyzed the creation of a song that made him even more famous, along with a clothing line, and more interviews. According to the website knowyourmeme.com, the song was used for the music video game call Rock Band 3.


Antoine Dodson shirt


Because what he said was so catchy, several people started using it for political protest in order to grab others’ attention. This meme is usually used to make fun of people, or to create humor in varying situations.


Antoine was very outlandish, and people thought he was hilarious. When the public saw this video they thought it was funny because no one was expecting such a humorous statement.  Also, not many people feel comfortable enough to speak like Antoine did on the news. His outfit during the interview was perceived as stereotypical due to the fact that he resides in a poor neighborhood. The way he spoke was stereotypical as well, but viewers saw him as a hysterical and entertaining man.

Memes can be great and useful. They usually serve as entertainment for the public, and to share informarion. Antoine Dodson probably knew people were making fun of him, however, I do not believe he cared. He was asked to be on television and made a large profit selling his clothing line.

The one negative aspect of this meme was the attention it drew away from the seriousness of the situation involving the intruder and Antoine’s sister. Instead, the attention of the public was placed on Antoine and his statement, and no one really focused on the fact that the girl was almost assaulted. Although Antoine’s statement was humorous, it dissipated the seriousness of the interview.

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