What started off as the pride of Baylor football has turned into the school’s first Heisman award winner and a big name in professional football. Robert Griffin III is a meme of his own. Similar to “Tebowing,” “Griffining” has started to catch on with fans and sports media. Griffining is shown by sitting on the ground with both legs extended in front of you pointing skyward to Heaven. People around the country, as well as sports media on network shows, replicate this. It’s even been introduced on twitter as a hashtag, “#griffining.” Not only does this meme exist in the realm of ideas but it also exists in the behavioral aspect as well. While anyone can sit with their legs extending in front of them, the raised arms and hand gesture toward Heaven indicates that not only RG3 but people who do this action have a belief in a God or a higher power.

Although this meme is relatively new, I believe it is quickly replicating due to the amazing season for Baylor’s football team last year with most of the credit going toward RG3. RG3 put himself and the Baylor football program on a national platform by winning the Heisman trophy, becoming a first round draft pick for the NFL, and becoming starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins. I believe this meme is catching on rapidly because when a person talks about pro football, he can’t help but talk about RG3 and the amazing career he has just started.


Erin Andrews “griffining” on Fox College Saturday

This meme is a part of a bigger “memeplex” because not only do you have Griffining, but you also have Tebowing made famous by Tim Tebow from the New York Jets. According to in class reading, “memes spread themselves around indiscriminately without regard to whether they are useful, neutral, or positively harmful to us” (Blackmore 7). As for the question of whether or not this meme will survive, time will tell. It will be harder for this meme to establish itself because Tebowing is so popular, but I believe this meme can catch on even further and take the world by storm.


About alicianicole15

I am a Communication major at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. I love my family and all my friends I left behind at Baylor University. I am currently a sports intern at the NBC affiliate in San Antonio and love interning in the sports department. I hope to be able to be an anchor for a local broadcast station.
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