I love ice. Try to get me.

The public as a whole is affected by people that are idealized. Fashion statements, types of humor, and even simple made up phrases that have zero meaning, all influence our day to day lives. These ideas or concepts “use our minds to replicate themselves” as said by Ron Hale-evans. All of these concepts have one simple thing in common. They’re memes. A meme can be a video from the internet, a form of joke, or even an action that is spread virally between people. One meme that has taken off amongst my demographic is “being iced.” This meme is replicated by the primal instinct and desire for competition.

When parents see there 18 year old child drive away to go off to college they have the naive idea that all we’re going to do is study, eat pizza, hang out with friends, and be upstanding members of society. The second we get in that car we have a completely different thought. “Let’s party!” The idea of getting iced was created from this mind set. This meme has both and idea and a behavioral response. The rules are simple. Get a friend to come across a Smirnoff Ice with out actually giving it to them. When they do come across it they are required by the rules of engagement to drink the entire bottle on one knee. The idea behind the meme is “party on.” For the people that do enjoy drinking why not do it creatively.

Happy 25th birthday. You have so much icing in that cake.

This  meme is part of the memeplex of college drinking games. If you go to any college around the country you will inevitably find a large group of people that know the rules of beer pong. Then if you travel to the other side of the country, you’ll find a group that know how to play thumper. This meme evolved out of the desire of people that are about to enter “the real world” to drink creatively. However I have good news to my friends and classmates. A project manager iced a coworker, ON THE JOB.

The competition comes from trying to out do the person that iced you. It is an on going game and the rules must be followed. This is why being iced has become more that just a fad in college parties. It has been spread throughout college campuses because the game is never ending as well as the ability to use the creativity that our professors try to squeeze out of us in the class room. This meme replicated very quickly from the simple icing of leaving nothing in a fridge except for one smirnoff ice to putting it in a ziplock bag and placing it in the toilet to be found when you are jumping up and down trying to hold in the inevitable use of the bathroom. This meme is sure to evolve through more creative ways of placement to force your friend into the humiliation of chugging on one knee.

This meme is sure to continue as long as people enjoy drinking, competition and creativity. While their isn’t much potential for growth for the idea of icing due to the simplicity of the rules, there is TONS of potential for icing to grow creatively. Start thinking of ways to force your friends down on one knee. they might already be planning something for you.

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