Mission: Overkill, Objective: Buy Everything

I am the exact opposite of a morning person. When I finally quit procrastinating getting out of bed, I like my mornings to be slow, quiet and peaceful. I walk down stairs and grab make some food and begin reading the headlines. I am immediately sucked in to the first story by the incredibly enticing title as though I am a fish on a hook. When I get tired of reading, I turn on the television and instead of hearing about what has just happened in the sporting world, I am sucked into commercials. The second the televisions blank screen has been filed with color I am immediately being encouraged to shop at footlocker because everything is half price of the latest sale price or being informed that this weekend I can buy the cheapest ford truck to every be on the planet. I think to my self “not again.”The media is permanently manipulating our minds by offering us a cheaper deal than they were before. Car dealerships are THE WORST. Every car dealership in america is perpetually having a better sale this weekend than they were last weekend. Red McCombs is having their largest blow out sale of the year this weekend. Its bigger than last weekends “red tag sale” where every employee was convincing the public that this was as cheap as the car was going to get. Why do the dealer ships try to convince us every week that the current sale is better than the last? Because it is a marketing strategy aimed at manipulating every mind into thinking that this is “as good as it is going to get.”

Another company that is guilty of this same manipulative strategy is every beer company that has brewed a delicious can of the “best beer”. Coors light is as cold as the rockies. Yea right. Have you ever been to the rockies? Its below freezing. Thus you would have a beer, you’d have a popsicle. Budweiser assures you that they’re the king of beers. Who gave them the crown? Keystone Light is “as smooth as Keith Stone, and he’s always smooth.” Have you seen the guy? He shouldn’t be trying to sell anyone anything unless its going door to door in a trailer park.

One of the many things that were being told is dirt cheap

The media is trying to make the decisions for us. Who doesn’t want to wear a crown while sipping a Budweiser? Who doesn’t want to be riding around in new car they bought for shekels? The only reasoning that can come from these preposterous statements is that the media is lying to us. They looking us square in the eye, smiling and lying to our faces. Shame on them. I’m smart enough to see through this lie, are you?

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