Eve must have been a HOTTIE

Story has that since the very first man and woman food was eaten with a side helping of seduction. In today’s world, it doesn’t really seem all that much has changed. When looking for what to eat, wear, or really just anything to purchase we, as consumers, are exposed to sexual content along side products as a way of advertising. Companies have recognized a way to attract/tempt consumers to certain brands and have now created industries, which now compete to be more promiscuous.  

Just as Adam was tempted to eat the apple by eve, we are tempted to buy products from our counter parts through advertisements. These advertisements such as Hardee’s Mrs. Turkey Burger directly uses women to remind us about the product. The intent of this ad is for the next time we think of a turkey burger/sandwich, hopefully we will think about the advertisement and maybe try the closest Hardee’s. The temptation of viewing of whatever model advertisers use subconsciously piggy-backs onto the temptation to eat that burger. If, instead, advertisers were trying to remind you of how hungry you are they may just show a commercial of someone not eating all day – or an extreme of a starving child, but that would leave you walking away with the feeling less attracted to the product they were trying to sell you.

In today’s markets, advertising agencies are becoming more competitive than ever. As there are more than 3,500 companies making roughly over $5 million dollars, with a growth rate of 50%. With such a competitive market Advertisement agencies are pushed to the extremes, attempting to entice the market to purchase their products. As a result, one company’s form of branding is to push the envelope of sexuality. For example clothing stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Calvin Klein, and other desinger and outlet retailers play with the subconscious of consumers.


My theory is that advertisers are tempting a consumer’s subconscious by showing them what a primal temptation that is unobtainable – whether it be a seductive cook, a model eating a hamburger, or celebrity wearing clothes about to fall off of them. What they are doing is putting the carrot on the string that is attached to the treadmill while we (consumers) are running after it, even though we know we will never get it. Yet for some reason, many of us still end up buying the treadmill. To further analyze advertisements effects on the subconscious, when we see an ad that obviously never happens like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzOchsY4RhQ consumers are being tempted by both the girl and the chocolate. At the end of the commercial the temptation is built up so high by both cravings that consumer’s tend to give into one of the temptations, which for 99% of the time ends up being eating some chocolate. These same tactics applied to any other forms of advertisements, which use the primal temptations along side a product or brand.

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