Don’t you want to be as cool as I am?

The media is always there to tell us something, to sell us something, or to convince us of something. For the most part, we are pretty smart (or at least us Trinity Students should be). So how do they convince us to buy that item that purse that we really don’t need, we already have three just like it. It’s pretty simple. Everyday we see thousands of different efforts by media and marketers to tell us that we are just not good enough. FEAR NOT! The media has offered a solution! If you buy our products, wear our clothes, do you hair this way, believe what we want you to, and act the way we think you should, then you may be as pretty and socially accepted as we say you can be.

The way the media chooses professional athletes, supermodels, and public figures is a perfect example of how they are doing this. If you buy these Nike’s that LeBron James supports, then you will be as good of a basketball player as him. If you wear this Victoria’s Secret underwear that our model is wearing, you will be as sexy as she is. They use these figures because they represent what people want to be, everyone wants to be as cool or as well liked or as gorgeous or as talented as someone else. The media preys on our insecurities, we are never good enough, and as soon as we think we are, they change their message.

However, what the media is feeding to us, is not exactly true. (What a surprise!) This happens more than ever when targeting females. Photoshop, although a marvelous invention, is the cause of this. We are running towards a goal that isn’t even there, it is a never ending race of new diet pills and new make up, so we can look as good as Katy Perry does on the cover of a magazine. It’s not real. We will never meet the standards that the media has set.


The laugh tracks in Klosterman’s article, “Ha Ha, he said. “Ha Ha,” are there to tell us the same thing: if you don’t laugh at this exact moment in this show, then you don’t get the joke. True, the laugh track is there to prompt people to laugh, so maybe they will find the shows stale, overused jokes a little amusing, but what if you are not laughing. The producers make it seem like thousands of other people around the country find this particular line worth a good belly laugh, however, you do not find it worth that effort. They want to obligate you to laugh, and if you don’t well… It makes you feel less superior. Are you no smart enough to get the joke? Do you not have a very good sense of humor? Are you just not good enough?

That is what media ultimately does, it tells us that we are not good enough. However, if we buy their product, believe in their ideas, and do what they want us to do, maybe, just maybe, we will be good enough. But by that time, there is going to be a whole new set of marketers telling us that we are still not good enough. We crave social interaction, we want to fit in, and that is what media feeds off of.

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