Critics Say You Should Read This Post

Critics say it’s unbelievable. Critics are raving at how amazing it is. Experts say it’s the biggest post in twenty years. Experts think you should read it too.

Bad. I’m pretty sure they say over half of those are bad.

Who are the critics here? Who are the experts? The National Board of WordPress Post Assessments? No, they are actually just me and my friends. They love my blog posts and have read every one of them, but who cares. Then what makes them experts? Sure they are critics, but I can critique anyone on how they put your left foot in front of their right foot and they would never listen. That is because everyone knows how to walk, I can’t tell them are walking wrong. We’ve all been doing it our whole lives. What if I told you that approximately 85% of people don’t have their feet properly under and behind them when they push their feet off the ground and forward. Think of all the power you are loosing in your walk!

A few people might have believed that, yet I completely pulled that fact out of thin air. A big media cliche that I hate are twisted or made up facts. The media, more specifically the news, cherry-picks facts and chops up poll results to make a better story. They’ll use quotes out of context and play back only parts of clips to fabricate a story. I find it hilarious that the favorite republican slogan at their national convention last month, “We built it”, was a  taken out of context. It was a direct jab at a clip of Barack Obama saying “you didn’t build that.” However, if you go back and watch the full clip you’ll realize that he was talking about all of the people that made the america we live in today a reality. Lots of standard inspirational political junk, but still nothing like what the republicans (*cough* and Fox News) like to pretend he said.

Sometimes news segments will call upon certain instances as evidence to base entirely erroneous claims of off. That is like taking a survey in which you question only one person and then draw conclusions from there. Have you ever seen an ad for a weight loss product on TV? There is a reason they show you before and after pictures of only a few people and don’t present you with a peer reviewed scientific article proving their weight loos pill is effective.

The point is that there are a lot of critics out there, and a lot of people who think they are experts. It goes without saying, that everyone can’t present a list of sources for every fact they state on television, but one thing we all can do as viewers, is ask ourselves “where is this information coming from?” If it sounds crazy, investigate it for yourself and don’t trust the critics.

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