Be The Most Interesting Man In THE WORLD

His words carry a weight that would break most lesser mens jaws. He’s won trophies for his game face alone. His beard has experienced more than a lesser mans entire body. The police often question him because they find him so interesting. We all know who he is, The Most Interesting Man In The World.Everyone knows what beer the most interesting man in the world chooses. He does not always drink beer, but when he does… he chooses Dos Equis. What most people overlook about the most interesting man in the world is the brilliance and complexity behind this characters use in advertising. One of these Dos Equis ads has hit over 1.1 million views on youtube, as seen here, and perfectly illustrates what the most interesting man in the world is all about.

Who is the most interesting man in the world? He is a total badass, and his character can perform some of the most outlandish tasks with little to no effort. He is the embodiment of a smooth manly man, but most importantly, he is what most men would love to be deep down inside. And you can be, just drink Dos Equis.

Here is a classic depiction of the most interesting man in the world, the center of attention, surrounded by beautiful women. Oh yeah, he’s drinking Dos Equis, and all interesting men should follow suit.

These Dos Equis advertisements depict a highly desirable role model for men all around. Unfortunately it also depicts a very unrealistic role model. In the Debbie Does Salad reading, the idea of the unattainable product is discussed.  Neither the perfectly cooked meal, nor the perfectly performed sex position are realistically possible for everyone to recreate. However, they are continually shown in their respective media outlets, food network, or the porn industry, as simple and reproducible. In a similar fashion, it is very impossible to be as interesting as the Dos Equis most interesting man in the world, no matter how much Dos Equis you drink.

Dos Equis is not the only beer company, or drink company for that matter, that utilizes this technique. Playing on the emotions of possible consumers and giving the impression that drinking a certain product will bring you happiness, or make you more manly is used by a multitude of companies. Coca Cola claims to be happiness in a bottle. Corona beer has the ability to take you away from the office and right to a peaceful beach side setting every time you drink it.

Obviously these drinks can’t possibly do all of those things for a person. However the advertisements they release show endless possibilities with every sip. Media manipulates society in the simplest of ways, and we have to notice when this happens. There isn’t a drink in the world that will make you smooth, manly, or more interesting, but if you drink enough Dos Equis you very well could feel that way.

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