Prove it!

The beginning of every paper you’ve written begins with a hook–a statement or claim that is supposed to attract and draw the attention of an audience. They have to be catchy, short, and to the point. A slogan or catch phrase of an organization aims at doing the exact same thing as a hook in a paper. I’m sure we’ve all heard (and say in the same tropical accent), “Wanta Fanta, Don’tcha Wanta”. Slogans and catch phrases aim at grabbing your attention and keeping the product fresh in your mind. In some cases, they can even get stuck in your mind like bubble gum on the bottom of your shoe. However, these slogans can be toxic to your wallet and claim preponderance in their product class.

How many times have you turned on the TV and heard “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”? Personally, too many to count. We’ve all seen the commercials where people get in bad situations and sing the jingle. The sad part is I doubt many of us could read that jingle above and read it in our heads without singing it. The even sadder part is that if I were to go out and buy insurance, State Farm is the first place I would look. Solely, because it is the most fresh in my mind and easy to sing. Effective? I think so,

Other slogans aim at claiming superiority over other similar products with out any substantial evidence. For example, Budweiser– King of beers. Says who?! It enrages me that certain products can claim they are the best and this phony claim can still increase sales. I’d like to believe that we, as a society, are smarter than that. L’Oreal Excellence Creme has actually been called into question because of a headstrong claim about “Superior Gray Coverage”. The National Advertising Division claimed that this was a “non-comparative claim of general excellence (

Superior Gray Coverage my !$%! Prove it!

This confuses me. Doesn’t the word superior mean “better than”, as in other products are inferior. How is such a claim non comparative? The nature of the word “superior” denotes comparison between products. I stand firm in my believe that no company should be able to use the word “superior” in their slogans because there is absolutely no proof to back up the claim.

How do we beat the system, you ask? Question everything! Every slogan seems to have a definitive statement that they are the best. You cannot fall victim to their marketing devices and believe every word they say. Ask your friends about products and make decisions on which is superior for yourself! As for the catchy jingles, good luck getting those out of your head.

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