Drive a Fiat, Get Women

We’ve all seen it. From music videos to television shows to to movies. We’ve even talked about it amongst ourselves, imagining it happening to us. Driving up to a corner in a badass, expensive car where a bunch of women are standing. One rev of our engine, and panties drop, the squeals of excitement begin, and before you know it, every single one of them is clambering to claim a spot in your car. Yes, this is a somewhat extreme exaggeration of what we see in the media, but the manipulation is there: A hot ride is just one of many ways to get the girl.

Take the Fiat commerical, staring Charlie Sheen, that is running on television now. Simply because he is Mr. “Epic Winning” in a Fiat 500 Abarth, which is supposed to have a bad boy appeal to it, the man is able to race a small, smart car from Europe around a mansion that is filled with women who enjoy seeing the sight of him driving what is, honestly, a car that is probably too small and cute to contain Sheen’s huge personality. The car has become his status symbol, his superpower, his form of kryptonite to these women.

Please, do tell us what eh gets for good behavior!

Even though I would hope that consumers will realize that something like this will definitely not always happen, the thought is now there. Much like the Fiat commercial, the Axe commercials share the same basic point: use this product, expect that result. The technique can be effective to a certain degree, because, more so for Axe or any other fragrance product, the desired effect of its use is shown, if not on an extreme scale. Not all of this technique should be believed, though, because what is shown may be too absurd to consider. It could simply be seen for its humorous value content. Unless, of course, the images were serious in their proposal. In which case, they failed, miserably, and should probably rethink their approach. Audiences should know to take what they see with this manipulative technique with a grain of salt. Yes, what they see could happen, but don’t expect it to always turn out that way. A nice ride isn’t going to guarantee you get you the girl. If your name is Sam Witwicky and your car turns out to be a robot alien from space, though, that’s a whole different story. Filled with explosions. And screaming.

All of the explosions!

Now, could someone please tell me why girls say I smell amazing whenever I wear my Star Trek cologne?

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