Are scary movies and TV shows really that scary?

When I was thinking of different manipulation techniques the media uses to convince audiences to think things that they aren’t even aware of, the main technique that came to mind was the use of dark and fear-evoking music to make a TV show or movie scarier than it actually is

This is a picture from one of the scenes in The Wicker Man. When looking at this picture it is almost comical rather than scary, but in the context of the movie it actually made me jump a little because the music became very loud during this scene. This is the perfect example of how when you take away the effects of music you don’t get that “scary”image anymore.

If there is anything someone should know about me, then it is that I am absolutely terrified of scary movies. When I read Klosterman’s article about how we laugh at things when they are not necessarily funny, it got me thinking,

“ hey maybe I only scream during scary movie scenes and TV shows because it is pure manipulation?”

One terrific example of this manipulation is the movie The Wicker Man. The Wicker Man was intended to be a scary movie and it ended up being one of the most terrible movies made thus far, and yet it still didn’t stop me from screaming. After  article I wondered if I ignored all the dark music would I still be scared? I searched on you tube and it turns out that someone had made a spoof of The Wicker Man and it actually turned out to be an even better comedy.  When watching spoof I found myself laughing, rather than screaming.  I guess this proves that the effect of adding loud, scary music actually does make a difference, and is probably the reason that scary movies appear to be scary for us.

When trying to see if there is anything that we, as audience members could do to limit us from giving in to these false reactions, I tried to re-watch an episode of one of my favorite TV shows Pretty Little Liars.  Though, even after being aware that it is only the music that is making me scared, I still couldn’t resist from screaming! Since media manipulation has been occurring for so long, it has almost become trap that we can’t resist from falling into.

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