The Eric Olson Experience

Hey everyone, my name is Eric Olson and I am a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology here at Trinity University. I was born in Menlo Park, California (yes where Mark Zuckerberg now lives) where I lived with my family until I was six. My family consists of my mom and my two older brothers, Andrew and Stephen. When I was six, my family and I moved across the country to be in West Palm Beach, Florida to be closer to family. I then lived in Florida until I finished 6th grade and from Florida my family then moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma where my grandparents, two of my uncles, and many of our family friends live. I have since lived in Oklahoma until I came here to Trinity University last year.

This is a photo of me in the chemistry lab I worked at over the summer here at Trinity University.

In my very limited amount of time I get for my own hobbies I really like to keep active or hang out with friends. A few things I love doing in my free time are things such as long boarding, tennis, basketball, soccer, volleyball, frisbee, or really anything active. I am also a member of the fraternity, Omega Phi, as the picture shows.I’ve played tennis since 6th grade and in my senior year of high school I won state in Oklahoma 6A #1 Doubles. In fact tennis was one of the biggest things that got Trinity University on my radar in the first place. During high school I had no idea where I wanted to go to school or if I wanted to play tennis at college too, so I asked my tennis coach what were some good places for science majors and that had a good tennis team and he suggested a few schools. At first I had never even heard of Trinity before, however, the more I looked into it the more excited I became to go here.

I chose Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as my major because I have always been extremely focused and interested in science. There are many embarrassing stories I could tell from when I was young to describe my passion for science course; however, the best one is the fact that I confronted my mom about the fact that I didn’t believe in Santa Claus’s existence back when I was 3 and I made a list of several reasons as to why the story didn’t make any sense. I’d say this is a funny yet good story because I believe that people if they want to be a scientist you have to be skeptical and questioning. My goal for the future is to go to medical school and become a doctor.

What prompted me to have an interest in taking a class like this were the Occupy Wall Street protests. Once the protests broke out I noticed something that seemed surprising to me, which was that many news companies, not just Fox News, were undermining the protests. I realized what I believe is the reason behind it is that all the news networks are all owned by Fortune 500 companies, and because of this they are biased to be against the Occupy Wall Street protests because the Occupy Wall Street movement was against everything that the news corporations were for. It was then that I realized that there is fundamental bias in media and to try to not let myself be controlled by it I should learn in how to block out or notice the bias from the media better.

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