To the Internet and Beyond

See what I mean about being a sort-of-hispter?

Before I divulge my life story, I would like to start by saying that this is my second attempt at posting to this blog. This is especially embarrassing given the fact that I, like all of you, am a millennial and should for sure have a better grasp of concepts like “blogging” or the “Internet.” So sorry for being technologically challenged, and you now all know why, despite being pestered for years to hop on the Tumblr train, I continue to lurk in the calm, comfortable waters of Twitter and Instagram. I guess that also kind of explains why I’m taking this course. I hope that, by the end of it, a simple blog post won’t completely throw me off my rocker.

All of that being said, my name is Rachel Puckett, and I’m a junior English major from Evansville, Indiana. Evansville is the third largest city in Indiana and is the only city in Indiana in the central time zone. It’s also home to the second largest street festival in the United States (I know, pretty legit…). I moved to Evansville from Houston in the middle of seventh grade, and, once I grew out of my extreme preteen angst, I developed a love hate relationship with it. More specifically, I don’t mind going home for the summer, but I would chop off all my appendages before moving back there permanently.

The primary reason I return to Evansville is that my immediate family lives there. That family consists of my parents and my brother, who will graduate high school this year. My brother, that is. My parents graduated high school a long, long time ago. The rest of my family lives in Michigan, a state I much prefer over good ole Indiana. I spent a significant portion of my childhood summers in Michigan romping around the property my family owns and praying a riptide wouldn’t drag me out into Lake Michigan. Just this past summer, I camped at Sleeping Bear Dunes, a particular point of pride due to the fact that I do not normally engage with nature without some sort of catastrophe-fueled necessity.

When I’m not in Evansville or Michigan, I am, uh, here at Trinity. Probably in the basement of CCI working on The Trinitonian (I’m the news editor!) or in my room, avoiding all responsibility and reading. Reading is definitely my favorite pastime but is followed closely by sleeping and thinking about how much I miss my long hair (a lot). Overall, I’m just your average sort-of-hipster (I mean, I do prefer to drive stick shift, but I don’t think I’m wearing scarves the right way), with a super sarcastic streak and a super love for 30 Rock and e.e. cummings.

I’m pretty stoked for this class and can’t wait to use the word “meta” on a regular basis!

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