The Secret Ambitions of a Student Athlete

Hello class, my name is Morgan Hix. I was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, and I am currently a sophomore. I’m not quite sure what my major is going to be, although I am leaning towards majoring in business.

Not only do I like to spend my free time doing homework for my business classes, I also like to compound my school work with Trinity University athletics. I play for the school football team, and put a lot of time and effort into my sport. Football was a major contributing factor in deciding what college I attended. The opportunity to play football, along with the high quality education offered at Trinity is the reason I’m here. Everyone should come to our games this year, we would love the support. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the #16th ranked Division 3 football team in the nation can find out anything the need to know (including the schedule) at our website


I’m not really sure why I’m in this class. Not only do I have a strong distaste for the world of media, but I am what most people would consider technologically challenged. I do love to watch movies, but I really can’t think of any good reason that I am in this class. I saw the class was open and I was interested enough to register for it. Regardless, I am happy to be a part of the class.

“The Secret Ambitions of a Student Athlete”

My dream job.


Some people would say I dream too big with my future employment plans of being a fireman, but all joking aside most people just laugh. Not many people are aware of my plans of becoming a fireman after graduating college, but the people who are often wonder what I am doing wasting my time and money at Trinity. It has always been my dream to be a fireman. I have never wanted to be the CEO of a major company or become one of the greatest lawyers of our time. I have never wanted to have anything to do with desks and papers. I just want be a fireman.

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