The Girl with No Dragon Tattoo

Growing up on the border (particularly Brownsville which is the tip of Texas) has been difficult with a first and last name that starts with a “J.”  In Spanish, the “J” is pronounced with an “h” sound, so all throughout my elementary to high school career, teachers would call me “Hulia Haross”  Sometimes I wouldn’t even correct them because it just got annoying.  I’m glad that’s over now though.  I guess I’ll begin with my first blog with an introduction of myself.

I was born about 20 years ago on December 29, 1991 in San Pedro, California.  Not only is my birthday in between Christmas and New Year’s, it is also on the same day as my sister who was born two years after me.  It sucks, but I’ve grown accustomed to it.  I moved to Brownsville, Texas about a year later because that’s where majority of my family is from.  My mom is Mexican American and my dad is of Jewish descent (I know some people don’t consider that a heritage, but I do).  I have a younger sister who is 18 and just started her freshman college, and a younger brother is 13 and just started his freshman year of high school.  My family is definitely the thing I love most in life.

My friends come in a close second.  Ever since coming to Trinity I’ve made some of the best friends I think I’ll ever have, as corny as that sounds.  I was lucky enough to live in a freshman hall with people that shared the same interests as I did.  Most of us are still really close.  I attribute this to our two out of three victories in Hallympics.


Some of my favorite things to do are watch new television shows, get ready to go out with my girlz, and discover new movies.  I prefer Twitter over Facebook and think it is a much better form of social media.  My love for all these outlets has greatly affected my reasoning for becoming a Communication major.  My dream is to one day work at Clear Channel Communications located here in San Antonio.  Until then, I’m just living the dream at Trinity University in Susanna Wesley hall.  S/O to Judith Siron who lives in Susanna 115.

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