Texas Forever

Hey guys, my name is Patrick Cruz and I am a sophomore. Still having most of my college life in front of me, I am still trying my hand at a triple major. If all goes to plan I will be an Economics, Finance and Computer Science major… but we shall see how that goes. It may seem impossible but it is really not that bad, at least not yet. Many of the Economics and Finance classes are the same so it isn’t too many hours and if you are getting a Computer Science major as a second or third major at Trinity you only need 31 hours, not bad right? While still on the fence, I found out that I already have 9 of those hours. So only 22 hours for another major? Why not?

This shows how Trinity has proven to be the place for me. This year, it is not only the place for me, but for my brother. My brother is a first year at Trinity this year and will be embarking on his first full week of college this week. How cool is that!? Although some may think that I would get sick of him, we actually haven’t gone to the same school since I was in fourth grade and I really enjoy him being here. Like me, my brother thought that he wanted to go far away from home but then we quickly realized that we wanted to be close to home but not too close. Being from Dallas, San Antonio began to be appealing and we both ended up here.


Prior to coming to Trinity, I didn’t have much “Texas Pride.” But then I started meeting people from all over the country then I quickly realized how far superior my home state is. Now here is a little of my pride coming out… I am and will always be a huge Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys fan. I will most likely trash talk the entire game if you watch with me. But lately I have had to shut up once the game was over, so sad. But all in all, I am happy to be here. I hope those of you who aren’t from Texas are also happy to be here and have been accommodated with real southern hospitality.

Clear eyes and full hearts.

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