Such a Kuhl Life

Hello! My name is Hannah Kuhl, and I’m a sophomore here at Trinity. I ended up at Trinity mostly because I wanted to play for the soccer team here, but I quickly fell in love with all aspects of the school. I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded every day by the amazing group of girls that is TUWS (Trinity University Women’s Soccer), and I am constantly meeting great new people around campus from all kinds of groups and backgrounds. I also got incredibly lucky when I was randomly placed with a roommate last year who has quickly become one of my best friends. My priorities at this point in my life (originally suggested by my coach, Lance Key) are family, academics and soccer. These three things are what I value most in life, so I decided to talk about them in this blog post! 

My family means more than anything to me, and always will. I have very supportive, loving parents who have made all of my accomplishments in life possible, and two sisters that are also best friends to me. I grew up in Austin, Texas, and was fortunate to have extended family members close by that love to get together to celebrate holidays. My dad’s side of the family, the Kuhl (“cool”) family, is who we typically spend holidays with and get together with for any and every occasion. I can’t even express how thankful I am to have such a large, loud and hilarious group of family members.

My sisters and I

To spare whoever ends up reading this from too much boredom, I’ll try to keep the academics section short! However, my classes here at Trinity are very important to me and I always strive to do the best I can in them. I am currently thinking that I want to major in Biology, with a minor in Spanish and possibly a minor in Environmental Studies as well. I’m interested in environmental law and potentially going to law school, but I could end up going a different direction entirely with Biology. This is the first time I have ever taken a class about the media or any kind of communication class at all really, but I think it will broaden my horizons and I’m excited about that!

And last but not least…my favorite thing to talk about! I have played soccer since I was four years old, and have had an unwavering love for the sport since day one. It’s not surprising that my family got me into it originally, with my cousin as one of my role models and my dad as a coach. The members of the team and coaching staff here at Trinity are some of the most genuine, loving and hard working people I have ever met, and have already made a huge impact on my life. I tore my ACL in the spring and had to have surgery on my knee, and that whole experience has changed my outlook on many things in life. I hope to come back stronger than ever though, after truly learning to appreciate the value of simply being healthy and physically capable of playing the game I love. Luckily, I will be able to stay involved with my team this season, and spend lots of time with all of my favorite people!

Can’t wait to be back on the field!

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