Someone like me ??

hi. My name is Audel Kevin Mehrinfar and I am a happy person. Yes, it is pronounced kind of like Adele the singer. Yes, you can say that now you have found “someone like me”.


I consider myself a senior here at Trinity even though I have a few hiccups along the way. I will be graduating in December of 2013 as  “super-senior”. I left Trinity during the fall semester of my sophmore year due to a family emergency, and I plan to study abroad another semester, which require me to graduate a little later than intended. I am the oldest son to two awesome people, Catherine (a beaut lassie all the way from Scotland) and Hameed (a hard-working father who hails from Iran). I have a little sister who is a freshman this year at Trinity University, who is one of my best friends and inspirations.Image

I came to Trinity because it was a school close to home, had a swim team, and wasn’t a big school (all the things my mum wanted).  I never really had any expectations when coming to Trinity. I’m a pretty easygoing person, and tend to go with the flow when I feel like a decision is trivial. One of my favorite mentors is Richard Carlson, who reflects a lot of my same ideologies. Here at Trinity I currently am an Economics Major and Business and Entrepreneurship Minors. I am in the Fraternity Phi Sigma Chi, a member of the exec in the Creative Entrepreneurial Organization, a member of the Trinity Men’s Swim Team, and a member of the Rotaract Club.


Things I enjoy doing outside of class include listening to some sweet tunes, cooking some dank dishes, meeting some fresh faces, and shindigging with some ole’ friends.

Finally, a shout out to anyone in the class has an idea for a business, likes to make music, or just wants to be more than a friend on facebook – feel free to come say hi.

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