Ready for My Close-Up

Let’s start at the beginning–a very good place to start, or so I hear.

My name is Mason Walker, and I’m a sophomore from Dallas, Texas. I’m currently pursuing an English major, soon to be paired with a yet-to-be-decided but sure-to-be-awesome minor. On campus, I’m a member of Trinity Progressives and HOPE Hall, as well as a radio host at KRTU. Off-campus, I perform with the Daytrippers, a cover band that consists of my friend Victor and myself. I suppose I should also add that I occasionally eat and sleep, although, to my knowledge, never at the same time.

Man and Dog

If I’m not involved in any of the aforementioned shenaniganery, it’s quite possible that you’ll find me Skyping with my nuclear family, which consists of my father, my mother, and our beautiful dog Gracie, who makes up for her lack of intellectual acumen with a surfeit of tail-wagging and face-licking. She can also sit on her hind legs for extended periods of time, in case you were wondering.

I’m also a huge pop culture fanatic, which is one reason why I’m taking this course–we’ll get to the other in a second. It’s no surprise, then, that I’m also a huge movie-buff. I’m particularly into classic comedy, and count Dr. Strangelove and Duck Soup as some of the most important contributions to human society since the wheel. Other favorites include Hannah and Her Sisters, Casablanca, and Sunset Boulevard, from whose screenplay I stole the title of this post. I write about films like these on my other blog (est. 2009), where I pontificate on pet topics such as cinema, politics, religion, and my Simon & Garfunkel obsession.

Finally, I’m a lover of literature, a passion that I tried to parlay into an occupation by working at Barnes & Noble this summer. I’d hoped to spread the gospel of great books, but I spent most of my time placing copies of Fifty Shades of Grey in the hands of middle-aged women. My favorite books and even my favorite eras of literature change almost literally each day, but one of my longtime favorites is Howards End by EM Forster, which contains a great line that further sums up why I’m enrolled in this course:

“Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height.”

In other words, how we interpret the world around us (the “prose”), has a great deal to do with how we approach our lives (the “passion”). I’m in this class so that I may learn to read the messages of the world a little better, and, concurrently, become a little better myself. Also, any class that delves into fish psychology is a keeper, I figure.

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