My interesting life.. but not really

Hello there everybody, and welcome to my very first blog! Exciting! Well, my name is Karishma and I am born and raised Texan girl, but I am the LEAST bit country. I am from Sugar Land, which is a suburb right outside of Houston and currently a sophomore at Trinity. When I was making my decision on where to go to college during my senior year, I had my eyes set on NYU and living in the Big Apple, but my parents could not bear the thought of me being in another state, so I decided to attend Trinity, and I don’t regret my decision to this day! 
I am a Business major and Biology minor following the pre-medicine route, but over the summer I decided that I may become pre-pharmacy instead… I guess it’s a decision I need to make soon. I am your typical pre-med student who is constantly freaking out about school, but then again, who doesn’t?
I had many friends last year who recommended me to take this class for common curriculum because it would be a much-needed break from plants, cells, and all that good stuff so here I am. I am also super excited for this class because by just looking at some of the topics we are going to talk about and books we bought I can already tell it is going to be great!
A lot of people are surprised to find out that I have a HUGE passion for dancing. I have learned the glorious art of ballet for the past 16 years and I have danced in my local Nutcracker every year from when I was 4 to 16. Literally dance could describe my life because I compare every aspect of it to dance… I even wrote my college essays about it. I am also classically trained in the traditional indian dance called Bharatnatyam, and this past summer I did my arangetram. This was probably one of the most rewarding experiences of my life so far and it is something I will always cherish and remember.

This is me at my arangetram on July 1st, 2012 at the Kaplan Theatre in Houston.

Another thing people should know about me is that  I am obsessed with the shows Suits and Pretty Little Liars. Also, I have been a vegetarian for the past 14 years. Oh, and my obsessions this summer were crafting and cooking delicious desserts off of the one and only Pinterest, dancing of course, and the highlight of my summer was going to the Coldplay concert! (One of my favorite bands!)

Alright, that’s it for my introductory blog post, but no worries there will be more! Adios for now.


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