Let Your Banner Fly

Who am I? 24601

No? No Les Miserables fans in the audience? Really? Your loss then.

Hey, I’m Katherine “Katie” Zurovetz, as particularly those who did not get the reference above can tell, I have a bit of a strange and no-so-mainstream sense on practically everything. But variety is the spice of life, is it not? I’m currently a Junior with a plan of dual majoring in Studio Art and Communication with a minor in Creative Writing although I have only declared myself to be an Art major and a Creative Writing minor–which brings me to why I’m in this class–it’s the next class in the road to me declaring and eventually becoming a Communication major. 

A short history about me includes all the major points, I was born in England, raised military, got into Trinity, turned Imagethe anti-climactic 20 on Thursday, and am increasingly nostalgic for a time that is not my own. More specifically, I was born on the Royal Air Force base of Lakenheath, England as an American citizen (as the Air Force base was American and both of my parents are American). I’ve lived in San Antonio for almost 12 non-consecutive years of my life so it is the city I know best although I would not really term it to be my ‘home’. The only places in my life that were constant were where I was born and where my grandparents live, that’s ‘Home’. 

Before this year, I participated in the Club Ultimate team, Cat Alliance of Trinity, Ropers, Federal Work Study, Hallympics, and Team Trinity. As of this year, I will no longer be playing for the Ultimate team due to some injuries and time constraints–although I will still support and shamelessly promote their awesomeness (I saw Reid was also on this blog—shame on him if he does not do the same). My other “shameless plug” (to borrow the turn-of-phrase from Peter Dancy) at least this semester is going to be the Texas Renaissance Festival, because my sister, a recent Trinity grad got a part in the German court! So I guess you could say that I’m excited and proud.

The next thing that I will shamelessly promote (not that I need to tell you guys) is the Trinity library because I work there. Although ‘work’ is not really the right word for it with the people, the knowledge, and the atmosphere that abound; it is my library, it is my church, it is my sanctuary, and it is my home away from home.

What did I tell you? I am increasingly non-mainstream. 

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