Keeping it Corny, Nebraska Style


Hi, my name is Tessa Conaway and I am a Junior Psychology major. I was born in Columbus, OH but my family moved to Omaha, NE when I was 2 years old and has been there ever since. When I graduated from high school I was finally able to leave cold winters behind and come to Texas

I have a younger sister named Amy who is 14 and just started high school. My family also has a number of pets including a service dog; more specifically a Diabetic Alert Dog for my sister who has Type I Diabetes. The dog can smell her blood sugar and alerts if its high or low. Training the dog has been a large family project for the past year.

My future plans are to put off the real world for a few more years in order to earn my Masters Degree and consider going to Graduate School. Ultimately, my goal is to do behavioral work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I first became interested in working with Autism through my high school job at the Munroe Meyer Institute at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The Institute has a number of programs designed for individuals with a range of physical and developmental disabilities. I started volunteering when I was 14 and absolutely loved it, so when I was 16 I started working there. I still work there during the summer and winter break.

Finally, as I learned tonight, I am rather technologically challenged. I had some trouble figuring the whole blog thing out because I have never blogged before. I don’t like talking about myself or writing, both of which are often key to blogging. So this class has already taught me something new.

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