Judith in the Sky with Diamonds


My name is Judith Siron and I am a junior this year. Most of my friends call me “Jude”. I’m only 19, but my birthday is December first. Unfortunately, we will not be in class that day to celebrate. I was born and raised in Paris, France until I was twelve years old. This links to the Eiffel Tower because I lived next to it. My family decided to move to America because my mother re-married.

I went to high school in Carrollton, Texas and ended up applying to Trinity even though I did not want to go there. The only thing that attracted me to Trinity were the cats. And yes, I am in the Cat Alliance. However, I’m so glad my mother made me apply to this school. I decided to major in Communication this year because I can see myself in that field. The two classes I have taken so far in Communication were interesting and I would like to continue studying it.

Not many people know that I have three middle names. I guess it is a French thing. My mom was going to get a fourth one, but she did not want to spend the extra money on it. My full name is “Judith Elisabeth Lucienne Agnes Siron”. It’s a bit much, I know.

In my spare time, I enjoy painting and drawing. I love to take art classes at Trinity because they relieve stress. Both of my parents are artists as well. My dad used to work at the Louvre and my mother used to be an architect. I could be getting my talents from them.

I also love watching movies and talking about them with my friends. I am looking forward to this class. I was surprised that we watched the movie “They Live” because I thought it was so random. Not many people have heard about this movie, but I watch it with my brother every time I go home.

One thing most people quickly notice about me is that my brother and I are best friends. This is a picture of us when we were young back in France.

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