Insert Cliche Title Here

My name is Alexandra Albright, but I go by Ali. I’m a sophomore at Trinity, with the intention of majoring in Anthropology. I’m also really interested in Urban Studies so we shall see if I can pull off a double major. I decided this over the summer. I had been to quite a few cities throughout the summer and I was so fascinated by how they are constructed and how segregated, or integrated they can be. I am taking this class for a couple of reasons. It is a Common Curriculum class firstly, but the subject is also extremely interesting. I think there are a lot of aspects of media interpretation that can be found in any anthropology topics. Plus, this class is all about “the man.” Everyone in college needs a class about “the man.” I’m pretty sure it’s a rule. I don’t have a lot of time for clubs at Trinity. I spend most of my free time volunteering with the Rape Crisis Center or working at Starbucks. I thought I would be as cliche as possible when looking for a job.

I live in Yorktown, Virginia, a very suburban suburb. I love telling people at Trinity where I’m from because it makes me feel so exotic. If you have ever been to southern Virginia you will laugh at this. Before Yorktown, I moved around a lot with my military mother. I have been all over Texas, Colorado, and Virginia. Colorado is by far my favorite state. It’s so clean! Plus, I love skiing. On my list of favorite things ever, it’s definitely top five. After I graduate, I have to live somewhere with mountains. I need them in my life. 

I’m really passionate about doing something good for the world with my life. I want to do something helping women who have been trafficked or helping women in other countries be more self-sufficient and able to get educated or start businesses that can support their families. I just think my life has been really easy and I feel like I have a duty to give other people more opportunity for themselves. However, trying to work my ideals into an actual job is somewhat challenging. I do think it’s interesting that when I tell people this is my dream in life, young people tend to be completely supportive of the idea while older people, particularly in my family, believe that it would be better to do something that pays well.

Hm, what else. I like visiting abandoned houses. My friends and I used to always search for abandoned houses and take pictures, sort of because there was nothing else to do in Yorktown. One time we went on a road trip of about 100 miles just to look for abandoned houses. I’m sure to some people that would be terrible, but I thought it was so much fun. I’m a vegetarian. My biggest fear is heights. And I love spicy ranch. I bring a bottle of it with me to Mabee every morning. My life is better for it.


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