Here’s Johnny!!!

My name is John Wendell DelaCruz Mendiola. I’m a sophomore hoping to graduate. In anything. Preferably in Computer Science and Communication! My home address is [redacted] and my Social Security number is [redacted]. Aside from my interests in books, tv shows, movies, comics, video games, internet and public radio, I’m a pretty non-nerdy guy. I mean, I participate in sports. Sometimes. Takeru Kobayashi is my hero. One day, I’d like to be as good as him. So, again, overall, I’m a pretty normal, non-nerdy guy. Just an average Joe cool kid.

Kobayashi eyeing A TON of hot dogs.

This isn’t me. This is Takeru Kobayashi. And some hot dogs.

I had Dr. Delwiche last semester for Web Design and that was a really fun and educational class. I definitely wanted to take more Comm classes and I saw that Dr. Delwiche was teaching this class. Also, I got a bunch of my friends to take the class with me. That’s always fun!

Most people don’t know that I wasn’t actually born here in America. Not that I’ve completely assimilated but I lived in the Philippines for the majority of my life. When I was 10, my mom, a teacher, got a lucky break and we moved here. It was a completely random and we were unprepared, but I’d say that it all worked out pretty well! Another fun fact about me: I am obsessed with A Song of Ice and Fire. I have spent hours reading and re-reading the books, novellas, interviews and theories, too many hours.

This year is going to be quite a busy year for me. I’m moving up from being a crewmember of Studio 21 to being a host. I don’t think the camera can handle this horrifying face but I think they’re just desperate talent – again, something I’m lacking. But I’m pretty excited! I’m the Vice President of Association for Computer Machinery (ACM). Anyone reading this should join! It’s not just for CS Majors. We have video game and board game nights! With food and drinks!

That’s about it for me! Good day!

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