Hai Everyone!

Seriously, I can’t remember how many times I thought people were calling my name but actually they were just saying hi to each other. My first name is actually “Hải” in Vietnamese, but to simplify its pronunciation, I switched it to “Hai”. Ironically, it always confuses people. Sadly, my last name troubles Americans as well. Since I can’t simplify it, people tend to ask me about the correct way to pronounce it. Based on the law of probability and the sample size (the number of people who tried to pronounce my last name) is large enough, I can safely conclude that it’s nearly impossible for an American to pronounce my last name correctly. Needless to say, America is a wonderland for many entities, but I guess it’s just not for my name.

I was born and raised in Vietnam. Then I came to US to start my undergraduate career. I have really enjoyed staying in America so far. I have learned a lot, both academically and culturally. In particular, Trinity has treated me very well. Professors and American friends here are very friendly and helpful. Also, thanks to Trinity’s education, I found my true interest in Computer Science!

I have a strong interest in programming. I love studying algorithms as it allows me to think logically. Last summer, my internship at Valero helped me confirm my interest in this field. The reason I’m late to this class is that I recently got an ongoing internship offer from Valero so I have to reschedule some of my classes. However, I do think the knowledge of some communication theories that I can gain from this class can help me succeed in my future career. The ability to communicate effectively is a crucial skill in today’s workplace environment.


Hanoi – The capital of Vietnam

Last but not least, for your information, Vietnam is a small country that shares a border with China. You should probably have heard a lot about the Vietnam War. I hope no one is still thinking that Vietnam is still at war. Vietnam is now a peaceful country and we always welcome foreign tourists. We do have a US embassy. Vietnamese food is very good and everything is very cheap in US dollars. To spice up the dry advertisement, here is a montage of my hometown, Hanoi.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you guys tomorrow! Feel free to ask me any question about my background. You can also find more information about me via my personal website. If you believe you are the first American that can pronounce my name correctly, let me know immediately!

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