From Small Town to San Antone

Hey there! I am Sara Marchionda, and I am a senior communication major with a psych minor.  I am in this class to fulfill my major requirements, but besides that, I am very interested in learning more about how to intelligently analyze and critique media.   However, exactly how I ended up in this class goes back much further than my mere major choice and interests.  It is quite an interesting tale how I ended up at Trinity and even the state of Texas…I am from good old small-town Westby, Wisconsin.  When I say “small”, I mean approximately 2040 people.  I cannot fathom how people say the population of Trinity is equivalent to that of their high school because I grew up in a place where my school was the largest in a 30 mile radius.


This is an actual photo I took of the farm behind my house.

I am not particularly fond of this small-town lifestyle.  I traveled and was exposed to larger cities, and from childhood, I knew I wanted to go far away when I graduated high school.  On top of it all, I despised the 18 years of torturous winters.  One may think that after this long, I would be accustomed to cold weather, or my skin would be “tougher” perhaps.  Unfortunately, this never happened, and I knew, again, from a very young age that I would attend school in the south.

However, Wisconsin is definitely not all bad.  It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I have seen.  The rolling hills, the Mississipi shores, the colorful winters, and the rich land all contribute to amazing scenery.  I still go home in the fall to visit the apple orchards to get fresh honeycrisps when the leaves have turned their sunset hues.  Perhaps more importantly than all of this, though, is the CHEESE!!  Westby Cooperative Creamery proudly was the Green Bay Packers official cheese a few years back. I still say my town makes the best cheese in the state, and I bring it back with me whenever I come to Texas (perhaps I will bring the class some samples after Thanksgiving break).

Overall, although Wisconsin is definitely a great place, I am so glad that I followed my dream, and moved to the south to go to school.  Trinity has been a great place to further my education, and I have met some great people along the way.  And, of course, living in the city, without weather dropping below freezing

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