Country Boy with Big City Dreams

Cows, horses, pigs, and miles and miles of open fields: this describes the view of the first eighteen years of my life. My name is Austen Gilfillian, I am from Stowell, Texas, and I am trying to escape the previously described lifestyle that is associated with living on a ranch. I am currently a sophomore here at Trinity University and am looking to double major in Finance and Economics, with further aspirations of making it to Wall Street. I am new to blogging so this is a weird experience for me, but I am excited to get to know everyone and also look forward to what we learn in this class, even though I am admittedly drudgingly taking this class just to fill common curriculum requirements.

What my childhood consisted of… Awesome! (Sarcasm intended)

As previously stated, I am from Stowell, Texas; a small town in Southeast Texas about an hour west of Houston. I lived there my entire childhood life along with my two parents and my one older brother, working with my dad on his ranch every step of the way. I came to Trinity escape from the prison-like confines that is my hometown, and I have loved every minute of it thus far. An ironic, although completely insignificant, part of my life is that my dad is nicknamed “Peanut,” and I am deathly allergic to peanuts. All of my friends find this terribly funny, although I really see no humor in it at all, especially since I can’t eat Reese’s. More notably, I have a troubling obsession with sports and unfortunately let the schedule of the Texans and Cowboys dictate how I spend my Sundays.

Life so far at Trinity has been beyond amazing for me. The extreme diversification of students has been my favorite aspect so far: hanging out with people from Thailand, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and France all at the same time is something I never even remotely imagined doing before coming here. Although I am still in Texas, it feels like I am in a completely different world and I have even had to try to tune down my Southern accent to avoid being harassed by my non-Texan friends.

Cars, lights, buildings, and miles and miles of people lining the streets: this view is what I hope will describe the view in the next phase of my life and I am confident that if at the end of my time at Trinity I still desire such things, that is exactly what my view will be. I look forward to this class and the challenges that it presents to my very inside-the-box thinking self, and even more so look forward to my sophomore year as a whole and all the great times that I know Trinity and all the fabulous students will provide.

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