Call me Dirty- D

big fan of all … except for the dynamo, which thanks to my indifference have been by far the most succesful team as of late

Wassup, my name is Daniel Brownstein and I am a junior majoring in economics. Most of you probably don’t know me; you might know my roommate though. But enough about him, I was born and raised in Houston Texas, more specifically I am from the Westbury/Bellaire part of town. I went to Bellaire High which I think is actually bigger than Trinity.

Even though I’m in San Antonio most of the year, I still bleed Houston sports. I’m pretty much the biggest rockets fan you will find on campus. In my imagination the Texans (football team) will win the super bowl this year. And yes, I still root for the Astros even with their terrible record. I spend a lot of my free time following these teams through the internet and when I can I make it out to go see them. Which is strange, since my days of playing of any of those sports ended when I graduated elementary school.

The free time I have that isn’t used up reading fan posts about how the Rockets should trade the worst player on the team for the number one overall draft pick is spent playing guitar. I picked it up in high school and play it almost every day now. I guess I’m okay. But what it has really done for me is made me appreciate a lot of other types of music. I guess in actuality I spend more time listening to music than I do playing it. I’m actually listening to music while writing this. Hit me up for some great music if you like this awesome group

I guess I should now get to why I’m taking this class; well first off, I needed it for common curric. But on top of it this class actually sounds pretty cool. I watch a good amount of TV in my spare time and one of the shows I try to catch when I can is the daily show with John Stuart. Besides from being funny, I feel like the show does an excellent job of revealing some of the bias that is present in the media. I hope that this class will do more of the same. God knows I spend enough time in front of my TV and computer; I’ve probably already been corrupted and turned into a mindless sheep.

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