California Girl Goes Country

HELLO! My name is Mia Leslie Mineghino and I am a Sophomore here at Trinity. I am a California girl, born and raised….and I couldn’t be more blessed! Although, it seems many people outside of the “Orange Curtain” have a little bit of a chip on their shoulder about this. Yes, Orange County does have its fill of stuck-up, wealthy, pretentious folk, but we are not all frolicking around with the Real Housewives on a day to day basis! However, I still like to consider myself a pure bread Californian. I love the summer time, the beach, the perfect weather, surfing, long boarding, and all else that follows the stereotypical image of Southern California. Let’s just say Katy Perry definitely knows whats up.

So if California is so amazing, why would I ever willingly decide to pack up my things and move 1,400 miles away to San Antonio, Texas? This question haunted me the first three months of school, and during this time even I began to question my decision! Surprisingly, when I first visited Trinity I HATED IT! I had this image implanted in my brain that the true “college experience” could only be found at a huge Division one school. I wanted the football games, the tailgating, the “greek row,” and every other aspect of a typical University. However, after getting offered a spot on the volleyball team, I slowly began to retrace my steps, and my affinity for Trinity grew bigger and bigger. I visited the school once more, and decided to give it a chance. Now, I couldn’t be happier.

Trinity Volleyball team dedicates their season to Catharine Found, who lost both her younger sister and mother within several months of one another. We played our hearts out in every match for her. She will be greatly missed and forever remembered as a part of the TUVB family.

One of the biggest reasons why I ended up at Trinity in the first place, was due to volleyball. I have been playing since I was ten years old and have loved almost every second of it. I am also a big music buff. I love Country music, and am a big fan of Shwayze and Jack Johnson Radio on Pandora. I also really enjoy a good, filthy rap song every now and again, and like to consider myself as an uh-oh oreo. I am also willing to admit that I am obsessed with True Blood and Breaking Bad, which are the few times that I will actually sit down and watch television.

I LOVE dogs and have three of my own; Ginger, Elvis, and Bella. Throw a puppy in front of me and I will be the happiest girl in the world. I am a people- person, snort when I laugh, and am extremely sarcastic. Not only do I love volleyball, I also can appreciate a good, quality movie, some of my favorites being Anchorman, Nacho Libre, and the most recent one added to my list, Bridesmaids. After watching Anchorman for the first time, the rest was history. From that day on I knew my calling in life was to be the next Veronica Corningstone (If you don’t know who this is you should be ashamed). Well this is not entirely true, but, I am looking to major in Communication, and am hopeful to one day work on television as a host or anchor of some sort.

I am really looking forward to this class, being able to further divulge myself into the major I hope to pursue!


About mialeslie10

I was born and raised in Orange County California and currently play volleyball at Trinity University. I love food and am a HUGE fan of dessert. I am a dog lover and have three dogs of my own at home.
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