The Wonderful World of Me

Hello fellow classmates! My name is Catherine Garza and I am from the wonderful city that we have all grown to love, San Antonio, Texas! I have lived here my entire life and quite enjoy the quaint things that the city has to offer (apart from the horrendous summer heat). This is my second year at Trinity where I am planning to double major in Marketing and English, in the hopes of someday becoming a publisher. I am also a member of Sigma Theta Tau, where I serve as an informal rush chair along with another one of our classmates, Lauren Witte!

I joined this class because it seemed like the most interesting way to fulfill the common curriculum requirement, and after the first couple of classes I can already tell that I’ve made the right decision. Learning the basics of media interpretation will hopefully help me be more successful in understanding what I am learning in Marketing so that I can become a master mass manipulator (just kidding…kind of). I am really looking forward to everything in this class, although I hope I can still watch TV without turning into the raging hulk during commercials after this semester.

I am not too experienced with blogs but I did have to create a class blog last year for an EIT class. For some reason the thought of talking to a wide group of people via the internet makes me slightly uncomfortable, primarily because I am terrified of sounding awkward which is almost inevitable in my daily life. I really hope that this class will make me feel somewhat more confident in this aspect because blogging is becoming a huge deal in our society and I think that having the power to speak to so many people about pretty much anything and being able to voice your opinions is one of the greatest things about our country.


My dog Ty and I

I guess now that I’ve shared some of the basics with you it might be interesting to tell you a few random, yet important, facts about myself. My absolute favorite movie is Grease, and I secretly wish that my life was a musical. I am a Netflix/Facebook/Pinterest junkie. I am a firm believer that all things would be better if they were covered in glitter. I am a craft-o-holic. I have a slight addiction to shoes. I get sassy when I’m hungry. I laugh uncontrollably when I am tired. The Little Mermaid is the greatest Disney movie of all time (in my opinion), therefore I know almost all the words to every song. I am a Cowboys super fan. And last but not least, I have a Peekapoo, a Pekingese/Poodle mix, named Ty after Ty Cobb, the violently epic baseball player.

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