Small School, Big Dreams

Hey everyone, my name is Mubin Momin and I am currently a Sophomore at Trinity University. I still have not declared what I plan on majoring in, but a Finance major seems to be appealing. Born in Houston, Texas, I moved with my family to a much smaller city of San Antonio when I was just a few months old. I guess being part of things that are “small” always seemed to interest me. Being the youngest and the only boy in my family usually led to me getting “special” treatment from my parents.

My older sisters moved out and began to live their lives, so I never got to experience many vacations. However,two summers ago was by far the most exciting summer I had in a really long time. I went to the Bahamas with a couple of my friends and this really tested me to live on my own without my parents. Although the Bahamas is a bit more fun than going to college, I still missed being near my parents and the rest of my family. One cool part about the trip was that the resort I stayed at was the same resort that “Casino Royale” took place at. 

I can admit that my dreams to become an NBA player did not turn out to be a dream come true. However, I did not let my inability to accomplish that goal slow me down to accomplish other goals. Coming from a family which follows the traditions of India, I knew that I would be pressured from my parents to do well in school. Although the pressure could get annoying, I realized that the constant pressure/torture really pushed me to do better.

I attended Saint Mary’s Hall, which was a small private school in San Antonio. I really enjoyed the small classes and how I knew everyone at the school. Although I did not have the best high school career, I still had three older sisters that always helped me accomplish a few goals I had while in high school. As a senior, I did not plan on attending the largest schools, but planned to attend a small school that is quite similar to Saint Mary’s Hall.

Trinity University was the only school that seemed to fit all the requirements I wanted out of the college I would attend. Like most students who attend college, I wanted to major in something completely different and eventually changed as I got a grasp of how college really is. Being an Aerospace engineer was what my main goal was coming into Trinity University. I wanted to work for the Air Force and hopefully make planes and other artillery for them. Also around that time, Boeing was moving its locations to San Antonio, and I felt that would give me an opportunity to find a job in my hometown. However, once I took a few classes, I realized that engineering and science is not for me. I shifted my aims towards a Business major.

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