Pop Culture Is My Bread & Butter

One corner of my room. Kind of ridiculous.

My name’s Monica Clifford, I’m a sophomore from Keller, TX, & I’m in this class because I’m a Comm/History double major, I know Professor Delwiche is awesome, & it sounded interesting.  My dream is to teach history (because I want everyone to like it as much as I do) but the Comm major is because of my extreme love of pop culture (& my interest in the media that surrounds us on a daily basis).  I probably define myself too much by things I love, but it’s a habit of which I’ve never tried very hard to rid myself.  I love movies, music, & TV shows and cannot get enough of them. As such, I display the things I love around me as much as possible (I have a total of twenty-eight various sized posters on my wall–yikes).

My love of pop culture is complex; though I definitely enjoy shows, music, & films that don’t make me think too much, I also really appreciate media that challenges my beliefs and makes me see things in a new way.  Thus, I enjoy shows like The Wire, Community, & Dexter, I listen to the thoughtful lyrics of Das Racist, the Smiths, & Simon & Garfunkel, and my favorite films include Moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.  Another of my favorite things (besides music, movies, & TV) is comics!  My favorite graphic novel is called Blankets, but my absolute favorite superhero is Spider-Man (& yeah, I prefer Garfield to Macguire). It might be true that I read more comic books than regular books this summer…my most recent favorite being Marvels, a very fascinating portrayal of the public’s reaction to superheroes as they emerge.

In terms of info not related to pop culture, I came to Trinity after deciding I wasn’t brave enough to attend the school of my dreams, which was across the ocean and in Scotland (the University of St. Andrews–600 years old, for cryin’ out loud! Perfect for a history buff like me).  But I’m glad I’m here (& anyway, I might study abroad!). I’ve only lived in Texas for a few years, hailing instead from the Midwest (Chicago & then Minnesota). I’ve got a mom, a dad, two sisters, a brother, & a Little Brother. My older sister was a GWSS (Gender, Women’s, & Sexuality Studies) major, which I think is pretty cool.

As far as a fun fact, most people don’t know that I love dyeing my hair (actually, maybe people do know that?). Something people might not actually know, though, is that I really enjoy making things. Right now I’m trying to improve my sewing skills, but I’ve made two dresses already.  I also like painting t-shirts (there’s a decided lack of cool band t-shirts for the bands I like, plus if they do exist they’re expensive! So I recreate them or make up a new design).

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