My Life Be Like


I’ve gotten to travel to a lot of awesome places for baseball over my career. This is in Millington, Tennessee.

Hey everybody, thanks for checking out my blog. My name is Kevin Clements and I’m a senior here at Trinity. My major is business with a concentration in marketing. I originally come from Pacific Grove, California, where I live with my parents, brother, and crazy dog, Buster. I am also a member of the Trinity baseball team (check us out), which is one of the major reasons I ended up coming all the way to San Antonio for college.

I signed up to take this Media Interpretations course in order to fulfill the common curriculum requirement, and I decided to pick this class because it sounded like a lot more fun than the other options. I also felt like a communications class would be a huge help in applying the marketing concepts I’ve learned over the last 3 years. I wasn’t sure what to expect after signing up but I was pretty excited when I was ordering books and saw that the first 3 I needed to order had to do with comics (used to be a huge Batman comic fan.) After these first two class periods I think I picked the right class to be in.

A couple things I think people ought to know about me is that I don’t like to take things too seriously and I love hanging out with friends and family. I also wish I could grow a better mustache.

This is my first time creating a blog or using wordpress so I hope I can figure this stuff out but it doesn’t seem too complicated so far. I’m looking forward to taking this class with you all, I think it’s going to be a fun semester. Let’s go start a cult!

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