Meet the Girl Whose Family Didn’t Found the Museum…

Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Witte, and I’m in no way affiliated with the Witte Museum. I’m a sophomore here at Trinity, and my majors, as of now, are History and Religion, but the Communication field also holds a lot of interest for me! I come from Fort Worth, TX, and anyone I know can tell you that I possess an enormous amount of hometown pride. I mean, who wouldn’t love the city that produced the greatest college football team of all time (Go Horned Frogs!), the Stockyards/Billy Bob’s, and a cozy and friendly yet progressively urban atmosphere? Yeah, I could go on…

In addition to being a lover of Greek yogurt, my two pugs, and The Beatles, I am also extremely passionate about my extracurricular activities! First and foremost, I am part of a great ministry called Young Life, in which we get involved in high schoolers’ lives, going to their sports games/plays and letting them know the love of Christ in the process. Furthermore, I’m a proud member and informal rush chair for my sorority Sigma Theta Tau. Anyone who is considering rushing should definitely check out our website as well as those of all the other clubs! (Okay, no more shameless Greek life advertisement.)


Reppin’ that Young Life.

As of now, my goal is to become a middle school History teacher. I know you’re probably thinking, “Wow. Who would want to work with the most awkward age group in existence?” Up until a few months ago, I would totally have agreed with you. However, I spent my entire summer working with 11-12 year old kids and just fell in love with middle schoolers! For the entire month of June I was a counselor at Camp Waldemar, a fantastic all-girls camp located in Hunt, Texas. The term was extremely challenging and not always fun, like I’d expected, but it was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. When I got home in July, I got an offer to nanny four sixth graders for the rest of the summer, which was certainly an experience. All in all, though, I adore the curiosity and wisdom with which these kids view the world and hope to eventually help a few in their own awkward journeys to adulthood!

Finally, I am a pretty big fan of working out. Whether I’m on the elliptical, taking a Zumba or Kickboxing class, or trying to look like I know what I’m doing while lifting weights, exercise is something I find super rewarding! Here in San Antonio, I work out at the YMCA and absolutely love it. Sidenote: I definitely saw you there from afar on Saturday, Dr. Delwiche. And on that creepy note… I think I’ll end the blog post. 🙂


About laurenwesquire

One Texas student/aspiring teacher attempting a healthy lifestyle in pursuit of the Father. Lover of all things involving pugs, Harry Potter, and ukuleles. Feel free to comment with questions, suggestions, or a simple hello!
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