It’s the Little Things

Hey everyone! My name is Reece McDonald, and this is my second year here at Trinity. I’m an aspiring Computer Science major that hopes to minor in Communications as well. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas and haven’t wandered very far since. I’m quiet and put together around people I don’t know, but I often act like a crazy, immature lunatic around the people I do. I enjoy the small things in life and find nothing more satisfying than an awkward moment. See that would have been awkward in person because satisfying is just an all around uncomfortable word. It has to do with desires and fulfilling them, and anytime I’m talking to someone about desires…right there you know it’s going to be an awkward conversation.

I joined this class because I love all things media related. Not necessarily the idea of

In this instance, it would be awkward for someone to desire some bacon for their picnic

consuming media, or studying any specific medium, but more so getting my hands dirty and really creating something on my own. After you do that, it’s a lot easier to really appreciate all the amazing things other people in this world are able to make. Watching TV is the one thing I do when I literally want to sit there and do absolutely nothing, and yet, thousands of people work their butt off everyday so I can enter a comatose state and veg out instead of being productive. It’s crazy.

When I came to Trinity I was a some what typical American from the south. Now, I don’t know what to think. Everyone here is so diverse. My suite mates are from Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Croatia. On top of that I have friends from Bhutan, Tanzania, Ghana, one who is convinced he’s from Korea, and more. It’s given me a bigger perspective of the world and made my time spent here that much more fun.

In my free time I like to screw around on my computer with things like ableton or photoshop. I love swimming, just for enjoyment or a workout, and playing soccer. I also sometimes have to look like an idiot playing basketball or ultimate frisbee with my friends because it’s fun to be the person everyone laughs at for not doing their job correctly. Aside from all that, I just got a job in ITS here at Trinity, so if you’ve got any computer illiterate friends, tell ’em to come hit me up!

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