House That Built Me

My name is Alicia Guerrero and I was born and raised in San Antonio. I’m a sophomore transfer student from Baylor University. The reason I transferred to Trinity was because I wanted a stronger program for my major. My major is Communication with a minor in Political Science as well as Communication Management. My dream job would be working as an anchor for a local broadcast station. I’m taking this class because I am a Communication major and it’s one of the building block classes I need.

In my free time I love going hanging out with my friends and going shopping and seeing movies. I also love going to the San Antonio rodeo when it comes to town every year and going to Spurs games. I’m a huge Spurs fan and love attending their games.

My current hobby right now is my internship. I’m a sports intern for the NBC affiliate here in San Antonio. I help out with Friday Night Football segments as well as Cowboys games and Spurs games. I’m not sure if I want to pursue the sports side of broadcasting in the future but I definitely love what I do now.

I am a huge family girl and value the time that I can spend with my family members whether it be meeting for dinner or just talking on the phone. I also have my own blog outside of WordPress. I don’t update it that often but when something is weighing on my heart, I go to my blog to write my feelings out. I’m looking forward to this class and I can’t wait for all the things it has to teach me.


About alicianicole15

I am a Communication major at Trinity University in San Antonio, TX. I love my family and all my friends I left behind at Baylor University. I am currently a sports intern at the NBC affiliate in San Antonio and love interning in the sports department. I hope to be able to be an anchor for a local broadcast station.
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