Boots and Baseball

Hello there everybody, thanks for stopping by. My name is Tanner Barron and I am a senior at Trinity University. When I was making my decision on going to college I was originally going to Texas A&M in College Station. After the head coach of the baseball team at Trinity called me I knew I couldn’t hang up my cleats just yet and decided that Trinity was the place for me. I was going to try and become an engineer, however after my first semester I quickly decided to change my major to something else that interested me. I have now almost finished my major in accounting but would really like to keep playing baseball if possible. I am originally from Houston, Texas but when I left the house to start my new life in San Antonio, my parents packed up and moved to our ranch in Whitesboro, Texas. I have always wished that I could live on a ranch and wear boots and jeans every day of my life so I couldn’t complain when I found out about the move.


I have had a couple of my teammates (see if you recognize any of them) take Media Interpretation and have heard nothing but good things about the class. When I was registering for classes in the spring I was elated to see that the class was open and quickly arranged my schedule so that I could take it. Even though I am an accounting major, I feel like the class will be very helpful in all parts of the office I will be working in the summer of 2013, PWC.

A couple things that I think people should know about me are that I love baseball, hunting, fishing, and bad television (like Criminal Minds). My friends are very important to me and i would do anything for any of them. Most of my friends are on the baseball team and some people think we are a cult. Don’t worry though, we’re not planning a mass suicide any time soon.

I’m looking forward to getting know all of you this semester in this very interesting class. It sounds like we’ll be reading a comic book or two so be sure to do some research on superman and batman.

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