And Entering Stage Right Is….

Momentum 2012 this past May. It was an awesome show with a packed house both nights! Can’t wait for this year’s show.

Hey, everyone! My name is Peter Dancy. I am a senior, majoring in Communication with a minor in Business Administration. After being here at Trinity and being part of the school’s hip hop dance crew, Loon-E Crew (shameless plug!), all four years, I now have some friends who jokingly call me the “new Maduka.” If you don’t know who that is, I honestly feel sorry for you. So, yes, to answer your question (if you had it), I do, in fact, dance!
I am what you would call a “military brat.” More specifically, Army. Both of my parents served in the Army until my mom decided to resign prior to the first of two younger brothers being born; then, it was just my dad who was active. Originally born here in San Antonio, I’ve lived in many places throughout the U.S. including Las Vegas, Georgia, and South Carolina, as well as outside of the country in Germany and South Korea. With my dad having retired, we now live in Houston. So, I feel that I’ve pretty much come full circle since I now attend college not too far from the Army base where my parents were previously stationed at, Fort Sam Houston.

I love video games! Whether it be me playing them or just watching someone else play, I enjoy watching a story unfold around a character on the screen in different ways because you decided to flick the analog stick left instead of right. So, yeah, I’d say I prefer games with a grand story over a shooter. Mainly because I really suck at shooters. Games like Mass Effect, Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted definitely make my day, but ask me about Kingdom Hearts and you’ve pretty much struck a chord with me since that is the first game series I seriously came in contact with as a kid. Also, I get really nerdy when it comes to video game soundtracks. It’s kind of a thing….

Speaking of music, I have a pretty wide variety of tastes. Hip hop, R&B, pop, rock, some classical, techno, my guilty pleasure of k-pop, I listen to a lot. Doesn’t matter too much to me. Music is music and it speaks to the soul for whatever it’s feeling at that moment or wherever it wants to get to, so why not enjoy it? Which would explain why I often walk around with my huge, white headphones on. Yes, the sounds of nature and whatever my surroundings happen to be are nice, but It’s the closest I can get to my life having background music.

As for being in this class, switching to a Communication major, it was suggested to me by friends who were already part of the major. They all said it was a good class to take and that I would get a lot out of it. Also, talking to them about whatever they were learning and discussing, it always seemed pretty interesting, so that was a definite plus. Now, I’m just ready to get started with my final year at Trinity. It’s been a long road getting here….

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