A wild introduction appears!

My name is Tim Jablonski.  I am a junior communications major.  Being a junior makes me a mature individual who isn’t going to cry at having to type this over again for a third time.  I need to be an example to those sophomores and freshmen.


This is one of the greatest ideas I have ever had! It’s almost as good as seeing if ghost chili peppers were as hot as people made them out to be!

Being Tim Jablonski has been a bit of an adventure, though admittedly most of the adventure bits are entirely manufactured and completely within my control.  To this end, I enjoy experiencing a lot of clubs and activities and then flaking out on them over time.  The clubs and activities I haven’t flaked out on include Tiger TV, APO, running, lifeguarding, writing, and comedy.  I also love the Nerf Gun game Assassin, but Trinity takes issue with trying to start a club that revolves around pretend murder.  If you ask me about trying to start up the club, I probably will complain for a while without stopping.  You have been warned.

As I said, I really really enjoy comedy and writing.  Ideally, I would one day like to be a writer in the entertainment industry.  This is, of course, easier said than done, and I have spent a lot of my waking hours pursuing this goal and the remainder of the time worrying about those decisions.

I am a very determined person.  The last internship I applied for was for an entertainment company in Austin.  Rather than hand them a normal resumé, I created a basket full of various goodies that had subtle messages about how great I was.  My personal favorite was a My Little Pony coloring book, where every instance of the word “Pony” had been replaced with “Intern.”  I didn’t land an internship, but two days later the company updated their blog to say they weren’t looking for interns in my field and asked people to stop sending them applications.  I take this as a victory.  A victory in which you don’t get what you want and have to swallow rejection and pride.  I tried this again by trying to get into a class on mobile gaming by dressing up as the protagonist from the Pokémon games while asking the teacher about the waiting list.  So far, I have had the same result, but at least the experience has allowed me to turn this guilt-trip into a meta-guilt-trip.  It may not be the conventional way of handling a problem, but I don’t want to be simply conventional.  I will try and try until I have nothing left to give if it means I can tackle a problem creatively.

I like games, both in the video and non-video variety.  Games give us goals to work towards but allow us to explore those the best way to achieve those goals.  It brings people together through something common but allows them to express themselves at the same time.  Also, it allows us to see which among us is superior at some skill not necessary for life, which is excellent.  I want to bring people together, but I also want to know who the best is (unless, of course, the best is someone other than me).

That concludes my introduction.  I am excited for this course, and hope to start this year off right.  To that end, I am leaving Ze Frank’s Invocation for Beginnings as a final thought, as it is better than anything I could do and will leave a person in a better mood for grading than they would be in if they just read my blog.

(Warning:  Four instances of cursing in the video.)
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